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Intelligent Detection and Surveillance Solutions


Mobile Digital Systems, Inc. (MDS) provides Services and Products for Intelligent Detection and Surveillance Solutions for In-Vehicle and Fixed Site applications in Wireless environments for Military, Homeland Security, Transportation, and Public Safety.

MDS Products Optimize Collection, Analysis, and Communication of Data from Multiple Installed Sensors in a Wireless Sensor Networking Environment.

MDS Algorithms and Software Solve Problems of Sensor Data Proliferation, Multiple Wireless Technologies, and more.

MDS’ own MDS Intelligent Comprehensive Technology (MDS-ICT) operates on COTS /         GOTS/ or newly engineered Hardware.  MDS           offers a  complement of Services including Design, Engineering, Development, Installation, and Support. 

MDS’ approach is to provide Services and Products to assist the Customer’s Mission by meeting needs and specifications for Best Value.  This includes flexible and scalable solutions which operate within our Customers’ current and future technology and environment needs.  For instance, our systems reduce  C-SWAP (Cost, Size, Weight, and, Power) requirements, operate with Any Wireless and Multiple Wireless technology, in Secure Networked Environments.  MDS is able to integrate to COTS / GOTS or newly engineered  Hardware with Ruggedized features to operate reliably in harsh conditions to deliver maximum up time and Real-Time delivery of Detection,  and Data Convergence and Fusion on Multiple Sensor Data including Imaging and Video.


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